Jonathan Gloag Academy aims at bringing up ‘All – Round’ individuals through mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of each child under our care.

We achieve this by emphasizing the following:

•    The highest standard learning facilities in a conducive, attractive and clean environment that makes learning both effective and enjoyable.
•    Promotion of social equality by providing equal opportunities for all children regardless of background. The school further targets orphaned and destitute children from Thomas Barnado House and seeks to integrate them with those from regular families.
•    Academic excellence through a teacher-pupil ratio which enables the use of interactive teaching methods. This also promotes critical thinking and self expression thereby producing confident individuals.
•    The use of discipline methods that promote a sense of responsibility among the pupils and produces self disciplined individuals who are accountable for their actions.
•    Building of each of the pupil’s character through the teaching of moral values and a mentoring system.
•    Providing opportunities for the development of individual talents.
•    Providing exposure to all fields of life i.e. technological, industrial, agricultural, communications, cultural and sports, while at the same time promoting research skills.
•    Fostering a sense of social responsibility among the pupils through supporting the less fortunate in society.
•    Developing a strong Christian foundation in each pupil through communal sharing of the Bible and prayer.
•    Producing pupils who can compete in the world market through collaboration and partnerships with other like-minded institutions both locally and internationally.