Message from the Founder



“I am immensely proud of all the pupils, staff and parents at the Jonathan Gloag Academy who have wholeheartedly embraced the ethos of our school.   

“We founded JGA in order to provide a quality education to the children of TBH and help them integrate with other children and families. But we also wanted this school to be a centre of academic excellence for the children of Nairobi.  I am delighted we have achieved both.

“We strive for academic excellence but the pupils at JGA are also given an education that goes beyond text books and exams.  We instil values of respect, humility and honesty, and develop well-rounded human beings who will contribute to society for many years to come.

“Our school community is a family and every member of our family contributes to our success.  

“JGA has exceeded all my expectations and I thank all those who continue to help us shine.”