We were privileged to be joined by the school founder Dr. Ann Gloag during our 15th Annual Prize Giving Day in 2017 as the Chief guest.

Dr.Ann Gloag thanked the parents for the faith they have put in us to educate their children to the highest standards whilst also supporting the school's principle ethos which is to educate the less fortunate children in the society to achieve their dreams too.

❝ Every Single child in Kenya deserves the best education so thank you for supporting our work to make this happen to the children's at The Kenya Childrens Homes (KCH) and beyond.❞

The founder also challenged parents to reconsider sending their class 5,6,7 or 8 children far away from home to boarding schools. She explains that children are the most valuable assets to parents therefore it is an enormous mistake to send them far away whilst they can join a school such as JGA where we continue to develop programmes for a whole rounded child. Enrolling your children at JGA, parents will be able to see their children every night therefore have a great measure where they are emotionally.

Sports Team
Sports Programme

As part of our ethos, We are developing our sports programme for a whole rounded child. In 2017 we felt the need to expand the sports programme therefore we brought in young professionals Alex, Austen, Scott, Mike and Sam from Scotland and the USA to help focus and develop the programme. It would be an exciting moment if one of our pupils won an Olympic gold medal and that it all started at JGA!!

Proposed Swimming Pool

We have exciting news that Dr. Ann Gloag has promised that her family is going to fully fund for the construction of the proposed swimming pool therefore parents will not be required to pay any additional school fees towards the project.

school projects and trips
School Trips

This year 2017, The class two were doing a project about animals and visited a number of farms within Nairobi and its surounding, Class four will take on farming with trips arranged outside the city while the class six have been doing research on health for both human and animals whereby they have had opportunities to visit several places within Nairobi and beyond.The Class 8 annual trip to Mombasa will take place in November. Please see the school event calendar for the dates.

Up Coming Events

# Event Status
1 Mid Term 15 - 16/ 2017
2 Express Soccer 20th - 29th/Jul/2017
1 KG Sports Day 30/June/2017
2 Sports Day 14/July/2017
3 Class 1 Interviews 8/July/2017
4 Closing Day 27/July/2017
4 Class 1 Interviews (internal) 28/July/2017
4 Open Day 3/August/2017
Express Soccer Academy
Please note some of our pupils will be travelling to Barcelona for a training camp with Express Soccer Academy(Please see the dates above).

National Music Festivals
The school's Music and Drama Club has been participating in this year's music and drama festivals. Congratulation to our pupils and their teachers for making it to the nationals with a Scottish dance!!

Closing Day
Our closing Day has been brought forward to the 27th of July 2017 so as to give the parent, teachers and other colleagues time to finalize school activities before the forthcoming General Elections