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Here in JGA, Technology becomes more and more rooted in our culture and we must provide our pupils with relevant and contemporary experience that allows them to successfully engage with technology and prepare them for life after school. We realize that pupils are motivated and purposefully engaged in learning process when concepts and skills are reinforced with technology. It is in this concept that we have structured our computer lessons.

KG Tablets
KG Tablets

We have felt the effect of Technology and especially the way computers have made our lives better hence pupils are able to embrace Technology from a young age. For this reason, we have already rolled out tablets in Kindergarten section and we can surely see a big difference in the way they learn.

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our computer lessons aims at
  1. Creating awareness amongst our pupils the role Technology is playing in our society
  2. Developing interest and appreciating the role technology is helping in solving problems in the modern world
  3. Providing pupils with Technological skills and knowledge transfarable in future further studies and training
  4. Encouraging pupils to be creative through the use of various computer applications taught