Music and Drama Festivals

Kenya Music and Drama Festivals

The Kenya music and drama festival is part and parcel of school co-curricula programme by the Ministry of Education. It brings young people together in spirit of true kenyan culture in a competitive way through lectures and lots of music and dance.The Festival attracts learners from early childhood ages, primary and secondary schools, middle level and vocational colleges and university students. It helps in the development of students both in self confidence and quick learning.We at Jonathan Gloag Academy have been actively participating every year. The festival's main objective is to preserve culture not only Kenyan culture but cultures across the world through songs, dances and poetry.

Drama Festivals

The drama festivals take place in first term of every year where we participate in choral verses, naratives and plays under the leadership of teacher Esther as the patron, teacher Mercy as the club cordinator and teacher Jacob as the script writer and director. The Jonathan Gloag Academy drama club is made up of pupils from kindergarten, Lower Primary and middle school pupils who normally participate in the festivals.

Music festivals

The Music Festivals takes place every second term of the year. We participate in elocution for English, Kiswahili and French. Jonathan Gloag Academy pupils have been involved in the highest level possible since we started participating in the event. The Kindergartens, Junior School and Middle School pupils have all had the opportunity to be part of these worth experiences.

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