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Martial arts at Jonathan Gloag is taught from Junior School (class 2 and 3) to the middle school (class 4 and 5). Pupils learn martial art in a controlled class with set rules to avoid injurying each other. There are two classes per week; one for the junior school and the other one for the middle school. The classes are structured as follows

Part 1-Kihon: Basics of martial art are learned here, I.e. warm-up, punching, kicks, blocking and posture stands

Part 2-Kata: Specified series of a variety of moves with stepping and turning while attempting to maintain perfect form

Part 3-Kumite: A form of controlled fighting style in which a person trains against an adversary using techniques learned from Kata and Kihon

Part 4-Self Defence: A variety of advernced techniques that includes kicks,fists,weapons and use of an opponent's momentum to ground them.

News Bits

This term (Term 1 year 2020); We are very happy to have been joined by our current grade 2 pupils.

These is a beginner's class. We will be training more on martial arts basics and discipline

For our seniors we will be training more on a combination of advanced technics that we will be demonstring during this year's prize giving day event.

About the sport
Research shows that;

Martial Arts is a good form excercise that can stimulate the mind. As we grow older, brain cells in the hippocampus part of the brain begin to die off slowly. This part of the brain is associated with learning and memory.This is where the connection with excercise comes in. A research by major Universities around the world on the effect of regular excercising has on the brain found out that it is fairly certain that mind-body excercises such as pilates, dance and martial arts have a distict effect on our brains ability to retain information. A Columbia University study actually proved that regular excercises especially cardiovascular excercises actually helps the brain to grow new cells rather than lose them!

Martial Arts help the children in
  • Building self confidence
  • Self defence
  • Developing a sense of high esteem and discipline
  • Attaining physical fitness
  • Social development

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