Sports Development

Here at Jonathan Gloag Academy we aim at providing a safe learning environment through physical education where we can develop healthy bodies, improve sports skills and promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity. With a high-quality sports programme in place we aim at enhancing physical confidence, decision making and the understanding of activities and health. The sports programme provides a platform to cultivate the values and characteristics we believe to be fundamental for success both academically and in life.

Programme Leaders
Sam Greenock
BA (Hons) Sports Coaching
University of West Scotland

Sam has competed in a wide range of sports including football, golf, tennis and athletics. He was part of Glasgow Warriors, a professional rugby squad, which gave him an insight into the dedication and discipline required for rugby at this level. He believes that as an individual and as a team you must strive to develop, improve and go the extra mile. Sam feels extremely fortunate to work in the area of his expertise that he loves and be able to narture talents, encourage others to find their health and fitness potential.

Michael Wilson
MA Sports Psychology
John F. Kennedy University

Mike is a High Performance Consultant in Sports Psychology. He focuses on elite athletics in the United States but his passion for ultimate engagement in human performance has extended his work into areas outside sports. Mike owns a private consulting firm based in Santa Barbara California and he is also a member of the Association of Applied Sports Psychology, the American Psychological Association and a leader of the Mental Health Special Interest Group for Attention Deficit Disorder in Youth Sports.

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