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Here at Jonathan Gloag Academy we aim at providing a safe learning environment through physical education where we can develop healthy bodies, improve sports skills and promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity. With a high-quality sports programme in place we aim at enhancing physical confidence, decision making and the understanding of activities and health. The sports programme provides a platform to cultivate the values and characteristics we believe to be fundamental for success both academically and in life.


At JGA Football Club, we believe in nurturing young talents by working towards their skills development. We approach our work by taking a journey wih our players through progressive drills such as fitness, ball work, positioning, movements with and without the ball and discipline on and off the pitch.

We train twice a week(Tuesdays and Saturdays)We have been very active in locally organized tournaments where our boys have done very well.

The school football team has grown now to include pupils from PP1 to class 8

We are also please to announce that the construction of our astro tuff facility is complete and is in operation as of term 1 the year 2020. This has improved the quality of training greatly and the confidence and enthusiasm of our players.

Looking forward to Term 1 of the year 2020, we will be looking out paticipating in a number of tournament for both the junior team and seniors. Communication will be send to parents once all details are available.

We are also looking forward to launching our branded football strips this year.

We are grateful for the positive feedback we have received so far.


JGA basketball program is a focused on developing well learned and disciplined pupil athletes. We teach the pupils through a process known as Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) which is based on learning the basic fundumentals of basketball. Besides this, we involve the pupils in more fun games which improve their fitness and help them in executing particular moves or drill in basketball.

We train on Saturday for more learning experiences for the yourng athletes. We also integrate life skill lessons during this training sessions to enable them know their strenghs and weaknesses.

We now have our basketball program open for from pupils PP1 to class 8 for both boys and girls as of January 2020.

We have actively been participating in primary school tournaments like Far East Basketball Academy (FEBA) and Chipukizi Basketball tournament and our team were the runners up in both tournaments last year (year 2019). This year, we hope to take part in the Junior NBA league and othe upcoming tournaments.

Our main event we are hoping to participate this year will be International Basketball Camp Tournament which is held in South Africa in the month of December. More information will be communicated in good time.

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