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Each week the pupils at Jonathan Gloag Academy have one lesson of swimming. KG1 through to Class 8 have lessons which are 40 minutes in duration. The school swimming lessons follow a 'Learn to Swim' Program. Our pupils participate in an annual School Inter-houses Swimming Gala. Pupils showing potential will be invited to join the Jonathan Gloag School Swim Team. The School Swim Team competes against other Schools in Nairobi Swimming Association (NASA) competitions.

1 Provide a progressive swimming programme that reflects
a good swimming development practices by following the
Kenya Swimming Coaches Curriculum.
2 provide safety of the pupils
3 Provide positive and happy experience for the pupils
4 Teach pupils safety in water
5 Emphasize self-help (the ability to get
oneself out of a dangerous situation by not panicking,
by rolling over onto
back, floating and calling for help,
or by swimming to side and calling for
help or getting out).
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